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October 1909 – First mentioned in church trust records and played on the vacant allotment adjacent to the Chapel Street Church

In 1913 the property was sold but tennis was still played there for some time

June 1924 – the young people’s club donated 10 shillings to the tennis club

July 1924 – the church Trust purchased the allotment in Church Street opposite the cemetery. In 1926 it was discharged from the Trust and provided sufficient land for two tennis courts.

In 1938 the two courts, which had only a natural dirt surface, were sealed with colas at a cost of 16 pounds.

In 1941 the property was extended by purchasing the adjoining land to provide a third court at a cost of 30 pounds.

In 1946 the third court was sealed & enlarged to accommodate a basketball court.

In the 1940’s & 1950’s the church was essential social games.

In 1959 two senior teams and two junior teams were entered into the Elizabeth & Salisbury Districts Tennis Association competition (as Salisbury Methodist Tennis Club)

1964 relocated to the corner of Mawson Rd & Brown Tce in Salisbury

By 1970 the club was fielding 3 senior teams and 7 girls and 4 boy’s junior teams.

By 1975 they were mustering 85 junior members, fielding 9 girls and 7 boy’s teams. The senior club had also increased having 5 women’s and 4 men’s teams.

January 1974 – another allotment was purchased providing another court making 6 in all.

In 1976 overhead lighting was installed.

In 1977 the tennis club name changed to Salisbury Uniting Church Tennis Club

In 1980 the junior club reached its peak when 8 boys & 8 girls teams were entered in the competition and the senior club also reached its peak in 1983 there were 9 women’s and 6 men’s teams entered in the competition.

After 1990 the Elizabeth & Salisbury Districts Tennis Association suffered a general decline and in 1994 three junior clubs disbanded.

Start of 1991/2 summer season entered senior teams in the North East Tennis Association

In the 1994-95 Summer competition Salisbury had 30 juniors participating.

Since 2005 known as Salisbury Tennis Club Inc

January 2009 relocated to the Salisbury Recreation Precinct (SRP), Happy Home Dr, Salisbury North.